教育正在发生变化,但变化的速度足够快吗? Jenny Hatley博士,课程负责人 Education Studies, 谈论代表性, inclusion and creating safety for the LGBTQ+ community in an educational environment.


作为一名教育研究讲师, I hear many of the authentic and honest stories of student's educational experiences. 用我一年级学生的话说,‘哦! 你其实想知道ODAPP官网的想法!’ Yes, we do.

ODAPP官网着眼于学生教育的研究, crucially, we ask questions, 包括'is this right? and is it just?“如果你是LGBTQ+,教育意味着什么?  What are the effects of race, social class and family background on learning? These and other questions help us see ourselves and our experiences in a new light. They help us understand who we have been, who we are now, and who we want to become. 这种探索是教育研究的核心.


Recently, we have been discussing student’s experiences of being LGBTQ+ at school. 他们有一系列的经历. 有些是积极的. They speak of schools who made equal room for LGBTQ+ voices alongside straight ones and where their relationships were valued equally. 对一些人来说,这是时代变化的标志. But others have not been positive and in this case their stories show that education needs to listen to their three cries for change:

1. 渴望被人看到

表示问题. 如果你能看到像你这样的人,那就太不一样了. 它告诉你什么是可能的. 你会有归属感,有自己的位置. You might say that your school ‘didn’t talk about it but they didn’t say it was bad either’; yet silence sends its own message and if you are LGBTQ+, 你会清楚地接收到这个信息.

2. The Cry to be Safe


有些老师,即使经过了这么长时间的竞选, still didn’t challenge homophobic abuse including the negative use of the word ‘gay’. Trans students are still having to negotiate their use of basic freedoms such as which toilets to use and where to change for PE. On top of that, in some cases, Trans students are required to advocate to school leaders for their needs to be met whilst educating their peers.

这些都是压强的形式. Yet we still expect students to learn without realising that to learn, you need to feel safe.

3. 渴望成为有意义的人

如果你意识到自己是LGBTQ+,你会怎么做, 或者是在同性关系中, but the only relationships and sex education you receive centres straight relationships and treats these as the norm?  难道你也有权利知道怎样才能安全吗?

What do you do if you are part of a family with same-sex parents or carers, 但你所看到和听到的关于家庭的唯一例子, 以一个有父母的异性恋家庭为中心? Doesn’t your love for the adults who care for you and the ways you do ‘family’ deserve equal recognition? 

履行促进平等和多样性的职责, 包容所有人, 教育需要倾听这些呼声.

But how can we get away from the issues above and arrive at a place of inclusion? How can education move from social injustice, towards social justice?


南希·弗雷泽(Nancy Fraser)提出了一个有益的观点, 专注于社会正义理论的美国研究者. 她这样写是为了社会公正, 其中一件需要落实的事情是认可. This means that we must centre the voices of those affected and their experiences, rights and stories  and then act to ensure their equal participation. 这要从倾听开始.


在教育研究中,ODAPP官网以多种方式倾听. We listen through the stories of our students and the active debates and discussions we have in lectures. We listen by spending time watching, discussing and learning from stories such as that of Hannah Bradford, a trans girl who navigates her first day of secondary school in the CBBC series First Day, notable because the actress playing Hannah, Evie Macdonald, is herself trans.  We listen through the research and expertise of our guest speakers, including Dr. Rachael Bullingham  and Max Davies. And we listen to ourselves and the ongoing internal reflection and questioning that forms our every-day practice.

作为一所大学,ODAPP官网倾听. Around campus you may see us wearing our rainbow lanyards and displaying our rainbow postcards as signs that we are LGBTQ+ Allies. We want to provide a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ staff and students and those who just want to chat. Over 200 members of staff have signed up as Allies and that number is growing. With an increase in learning from home you may also see our digital badges, 在网络空间中也可见ODAPP官网的欢迎.

但倾听只是答案的一部分. We must also act.

I am reminded of the quote from civil rights activist the late Maya Angelou:

“尽你所能做到最好,直到你知道更好. 当你知道得更多的时候,就做得更好.”

We must listen. And then do better.

And I am part of a team of lecturers who do just that – we listen, we reflect, and we act.  因为它的核心就是这么简单. Listen. 下次做得更好. 教育研究, ODAPP官网一直在倾听, 总是在努力,而且总是愿意下次做得更好.

A lot of people tell me that life for LGBTQ+ youth is better now than in the past and I applaud the ways in which it is. 但它仍然不是对每个人都平等地更好. ODAPP官网会在《教育研究》中继续讨论, ODAPP官网将继续倾听,继续学习. Until it is 对每个人都一样好.

Jenny Hatley博士是 教育研究文学士(荣誉). 她在教育领域的主要关注点是社会公正. This is a focus in all her areas of interest which have evolved from her development of educational provision across settings in both the UK and overseas. Jenny has recently been awarded the OD官网APP下载's Leading Teaching Award for her work to develop online learning and promote LGBTQ+ Equality across the University.