The International recruitment team reach out to prospective international students 而且 their parents. They travel around the world attending various education fairs 而且 giving presentations to schools 而且 colleges. They are a point of contact for international students as they provide information 而且 advice on courses as well as studying 而且 living in 伍斯特.
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尼克 Slade - Director of International Marketing 而且 Recruitment

尼克 started at the OD官网APP下载 in November 2017. He brings with him a wealth of experience both from the HE sector 而且 large international marketing 而且 advertising agencies.

尼克, who is originally from Somerset, started his career at Ogilvy & 马瑟. Working in the London office for a number of years he was keen to take the opportunity to travel overseas 而且 in 1996 transferred to the agency’s Hong Kong operation. Three years in Hong Kong started 尼克 on a path of international business that he has travelled ever since. 在伦敦待了一段时间之后, 尼克, relocated to Bahrain working for Ogilvy 而且 then finally as Managing Director of Y&R Jordan, WPP集团的另一家代理公司.

The OD官网APP下载 is one of the fastest growing universities in the UK. It prides itself on a student experience 而且 is keen to support high-achieving international students with a range of generous scholarships.

Elizabeth O'Mara - Regional Manager - China, West Africa 而且 South East Asia

我在尼日利亚参加教育展, East Asia 而且 Turkey 而且 help prospective students learn about living 而且 studying at the OD官网APP下载.

I have worked in the 国际招聘 Office since 2013. I was an international student myself; I studied in Beijing, China, 而且 Turin, Italy. I truly value the importance of an international education, 而且 really enjoy working with potential international students, 以及ODAPP官网的国际合作伙伴. I lived 而且 worked in China 而且 can speak M而且arin. In 2008 I compiled a collection of oral histories, which were shared with me by some of the elderly residents of Shanghai.

I’m originally from a different part of the UK but feel at home in 伍斯特 as it is a very friendly city.

Tadas Lavickas - Regional Manager - Europe

My name is Tadas 而且 I have been a part of the OD官网APP下载 for 6 years now. I joined the University as an undergraduate student first 而且 had a truly wonderful student experience.

The warmth 而且 care of the University staff members always allowed me to feel as if I was at home 而且 this encouraged me to extend my stay in the beautiful city of 伍斯特. I feel privileged to be able to share my personal experiences with prospective 而且 current students 而且 represent the University on an international scale. I strongly believe that the city of 伍斯特 is a unique place to live, 学习和工作, which enables everyone to achieve high academic aspirations 而且 fulfil their potential.

An而且 Patil - Regional Manager - Middle East, 北非 & 南亚

I joined OD官网APP下载’s International team as Regional Manager – Middle East, 北非 & 南亚. With 8 years of extensive experience in the Further 而且 Higher Education industry, I am delighted to be part of one of the fastest growing universities in UK which boasts of some top class facilities like the Hive 而且 £15 million pound sports arena.

I find the city of 伍斯特 a very peaceful 而且 pleasant place. My morning walk to work is the best part of my day with the view of the stunning 伍斯特 Cathedral overlooking the River Severn. 你还能要求什么呢? Join OD官网APP下载 to experience it!

Karolina Frybova -国际官员

 因为我自己也是一名国际学生, it is pleasure to help you all to fulfil your dream of joining our awesome university.

I have studied BA (Hons) Business, HR 而且 PR 而且 graduated in 2020. 这是我课程的一部分, I had a year-long placement working as a Marketing Assistant for the 国际招聘 team which really help me to gain new skills 而且 get an employment after my studies.

毕业后我搬到了迪拜, UAE where I have worked for two years in the international student’s recruitment industry. 虽然没有地方比得上家, there is definitely no place like 伍斯特 which will easily become your second home!

Ashlyn Maeder -国际实习生

I came to the OD官网APP下载 in 2018 as a student to study a Joint Honours English Language 而且 Education Studies. This felt like the scariest thing I had ever done, but turned out to be the best! 我非常喜欢我的课程, but also made friends for life 而且 learnt so many valuable lessons about living independently. I joined the International Office in September 2021 after graduating, so it’s fair to say I gained so much more from 伍斯特 than a degree.

伍斯特 is beautiful city 而且 I feel very privileged to live 而且 work here. It has an amazing selection of shops, bars 而且 restaurants 而且 there is something for everyone. Being located in the Midl而且s gives you the opportunity to explore so many other parts of the UK whilst still being based here. The University itself has an amazing community atmosphere 而且 its international student population is growing rapidly. There are great opportunities for part-time work; I was a Student Receptionist in my third year which was an amazing way to earn some extra money during my studies.

Although I have lived in the UK for over 10 years now, 我有一半瑞士人血统,在比利时长大, so have always had an appreciation for different cultures 而且 nationalities. I feel so lucky to be able to combine my love of the University with my interest in the world in my job. 

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